Top Ten Funniest Jokes This Week – You Will Laugh Till It Hurt.

Top Ten Funniest Jokes This Week - You Will Laugh Till It Hurt.

1. She says "Men are dogs" then she gets pregnant, gives birth to a boy & she is posting pics "My little angel"
No! That's a puppy?????

2. Question; Why do guys disappear after sex or after impregnating a girl?

Answer; After scoring a goal, do you go sit by the goal post where you scored or you run off celebrating wild?

3. Some parents want their daughters to get married but don't allow them to go out. What do they expect them to do? Sit at home and download the husband????

4. KENYA is voting to have a president;
SOUTH AFRICA is voting to remove a president,
RWANDA pretended to have voted for a president and
NIGERIANS don't even know the where abouts of their president....WELCOME TO AFRICA?????

5. Girls , Having Tattoo is not a problem, the problem start when it becomes too many and you end up looking like a wall of secondary school toilet. ??

6. A big shoutout to all those roommates who support fornication. As soon as she enters, then you intentionally get a call and you leave someone's daughter for your friend to do her some real bad thing. Well done Sir.
Your First Child Shall Be A Girl.

7. Did you know dat UNILAG and MAPOLY have more students on Facebook than on campus??

8. Some guys will be chatting with their crush and wouldn't want the conversation to end........ They will be like "So is it your Mummy that gave birth to your sisters too?

No, my sisters were Ordered from Jumia.

9. WIDOW: No sex for now pls, I'm mourning my HUSBAND.
GUY: That why i wear black condom, pls open your legs and accept my CONDOLENCE.

10. Ibadan poly student nor go kill me o.

I Just heard someone saying:
Your battery is laster than mine ??‍♂??‍♂??‍♂
Give me chance let me faint ???

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