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Top  Jokes For The New Week

7. One Ibadan girl was shouting "Banana, banana, i run and take you away" it was until i removed the ear piece from her phone that i realized she was singing "Diana o Diana o, i wanna take you away".


6. Relationship stress will make you decide to iron all your clothes and after you are through you realize you didn't put the switch "ON".


5. Ugly girls will do whatever you tell them to do in a relationship until it's time for abortion. Don't even suggest it Broda. ????


4. Guys that carry condoms in their wallets, what exactly is your purpose in life??? So as you are walking on the road and hoping to see a girl and you will just climb her. Are you a fowl?????

3. I bought an iPhone 7 online for 10,000 naira and the battery charged to 125% and it suddenly went off. It restarted and started displaying Samsung logo? Who Did I Offend ???


2. Yesterday I Bought A Power Bank For N500...And I Was Very Happy It Was Cheap Until My Phone Started Charging The Power Bank.


1. Proposing to a lady in her 30's is not an engagement, it's a rescue mission. What Did I Call It ? A RESCUE MISSION ? ?

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