Top Jokes That Would Make You Laugh Your Ass Out





Top  Jokes That Would Make You Laugh Your Ass Out


5. "A bank manager confused with his maths, asked his secretary to help out, ""I have $23,000,000, what will you take off to get 25%?""

She replied ""Sir, honestly I will take off my blouse, my skirt, my bra even my panties"""????


4. If you want to Know if a girl has strength, try removing her trouser when She Knows She is wearing a dirty pant.??


3. Slim Girls who go for jogging at dawn. Sister, What do you want to lose again? Your life?


2. Patient: Dr please am I ugly?
Doctor :“ You're not ugly”
Patient : But everybody says I'm ugly !”
Doctor : “Listen , you are not ugly"
Patient :“ I know I'm ugly ”
Doctor : “You are a fine, strong looking man ”
Patient : “ I'm a woman ”
Doctor : Holy Shit!!!...???


1. So you mean Satan was in the garden alone with Eve who was naked and all he could think of is to deceive her to eat an Apple????
That nigga is gay!!!



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