Top 20 Funny Ironies Of Life

  1. A poor witchdoctor who promises you wealth.
  2. A Dentist with rotten teeth and bad breath.
  3. A Company Driver whose children walk at least 2km to school everyday.
  4. The Teachers child who have repeated class more than any other student.
  5. The Professional Boxer whose child gets bullied in school.
  6. A Vet Doctor that is scared of dogs.
  7. A street book vendor selling books on how to become a billionaire.
  8. A Farmer whose mother died of starvation.
  9. A Gym instructor with pot belle.
  10. A carpenter that uses only plastic chairs at home.
  11. A Single and lonely On Air Personality "DJ" talking about love matter and match making over the radio.
  12. A Mechanic without his own vehicle.
  13. A Doctor suffering fromflu and malaria
  14. Uncircumcised doctor doing circumcision.
  15. A Gay right promoter happily married to the opposite sex.
  16. IPhone supplier using Techno phone.
  17. Electric distribution company using generator.
  18. A Drycleaner putting on un-ironed cloth.
  19. An Umbrella seller well beaten by the rain.
  20. An orange seller suffering from Vitamin-C deficiency.
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