The Encounter With Jesus

Ayo was working on a crane when he suddenly slipped off.
While falling, he held on to a branch and started yelling for
help, but no one came.

At the point of giving up he said: Jesus pls help me, I'll listen to you henceforth', then he heard a voice calling his name:

Voice: Ayo! Ayo!! Ayo!!!

Ayo: Who is that?

Voice: It's me, who you called for help.

Ayo: Thank You.  I know you heard and would help me.

Voice: Whatever I say, will you do it ?

Ayo: Yes. I will do anything you say.

Voice: Ok, let go of the branch.

Ayo: What did you just say?

Voice: I said let go of the branch.

Ayo: Please just leave me and go your way. Hearing your voice, I know you’re Gabriel Jesus and not the Jesus I called. That’s how you promised Manchester City and then start picking up injuries. MTCHEEW


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