Six (6) Most Funny Short Stories This Week




6 Most Funny Short Stories This Week

6. A woman was sleeping with her husband and later in the night she woke up and shouted, "Run my husband has come. He is knocking on the door". The man jumped through the window and ran. He reached somewhere and remembered it was his home.

Should He Go Back Home?

5. I was chasing this rat? all over the house for 20minute. It ran into my room and was hiding there. When I entered the room, tired of running????? I decided to release the mess (fart) I've been holding since I took Groundnut and Sobo. It was not up to 10 seconds I saw the rat coming out under the bed holding his nose looking ?at me and shaking his head


Your SMS has a code
Your Facebook has a code?
Your WhatsApp has a code?
Your Twitter has a code? and even your Instagram has a code ?

But yet you forgot to put a code between your legs ???????????

3. Husband wanted to call the hospital to ask about his pregnant wife, but accidentally called the cricket stadium.

He asks, "How's the situation?"

He was shocked & nearly died on hearing the reply.

They said, "It's fine. 3 are out, hope to get another 7 out by lunch, last one was a duck!"..

2. I caught a pastor drinking star? in a bar and I shouted man of God " you supposed to be drinking malt, fanta or coke and not star. He replied to me, where was malt, fanta & coke when Star was leading the 3 wise men to see JESUS ?? ??????? I FAINTED......!

1. A mad man at Nsukka Psychiatric hospital climbed a tree and spent half of the day on that tree. All of a sudden, he let go of the branch he was holding and fell straight to the ground with full force.
One of the Doctors rushed to the scene and asked him, ''Emeka what's the matter with u?"
The mad man gladly replied...
"I DON RIPE" ??????

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