Seven (7) Hot Jokes For Ladies – All Will Make You Laugh



Seven (7) Hot Jokes For Ladies - All Will Make You Laugh.

(7) Some Girl Are Just Too Wicked
Me:- I love U.

Girl:- Great, but I love other letters like V W X Y Z .

(6) Thank God body parts cannot be borrowed. If not you will hear things like; Rose lend me your breast, I need a big boobs for this party tonight.

(5) Women are so jealous I bet Eve Counted Adam's Ribs everyday just to see if Another woman had been created. ?????

(4) Your boyfriend managed to cheat in exam room with 6 invigilators & CCTV and you are here claiming he can't cheat on you... Who are you my sister?

(3) Letter To An Ugly Sister.
My Dear Sister, don't care what people think of you, at least mosquitoes find me attractive.

(2) Some girls? are heartless.
Just because he gave you his number during a burial...
You have to save it with 'burial boy'.

(1) Trouble is when you join a group called " Single and Searching" and find that your girlfriend is the Admin.

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