The Seductive Sexy Girl

A youth corps (Ayo)  was part of the invigilators in a WAEC GCE exam holding in the school he was serving. Right inside the hall where the exam was on going, one sexy girl who was wearing a very short skirt and looking gorgeous was giving him a seductive look. As a sharp guy, he went straight to the girl to find out what her problem was. He gave her the solution to the mathematics questions and was all around her throughout the exam.

After the exam, he followed her up to arrange where they can meet to spend some good time together. But to his surprise; she replied angrily saying: Do you think I'm a prostitute? All those actions I was displaying are fake. My boyfriend is out there waiting for me. Then she started laughing.

Ayo looked at her and begins to laugh as well. Saying: Do you really think I read Mathematics? I studied Arabic Education in school, all those answers I gave to you are formulated and fake.

The Girl Screamed and Fainted!!!

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