Reaction Of Silicone Injection – Lady Get Flat Butt After

Reaction Of Silicone Injection - Lady Get Flat Butt After

American fitness model Lady get the reaction of silicone injection after she removes Silicone Injections To Go Back To Flat Butt "Getbodiedbyj" who underwent a removal and reconstructive surgery to get all the silicon injections removed from her butt earlier this year, has shared new photos of her flat behind.

In one of the photos she posted, which was taken on the second day after the removal of the silicone injections, the mother of one explained her journey after undergoing the surgery.

Read what wrote and see photos of her flat behind below:

If you’re new to my journey & just don’t know what’s going on, This was 2 days after removal of silicone injections & Doc attempt to do reconstruction at same time, I was in surgery for over 6 hours & lost massive amounts of blood & had to get 3 blood transfusions. If you look at the Red/purple area that’s forming in the Center of my Butt That’s where necrosis developed due to LACK of BLOOD FLOW. I did NOT have necrosis or life-threatening issues prior to removal. Necrosis Was then removed on 1/31. ?I received (butt shots/hydrogel injections) back 2010 after experiencing PPD & making a mistake I’ll later came to regret & sought to correct. From this day forward I experienced EVERY single complication that could happen along with nearly dying after surgery. My Hemoglobin was below 5?? Thank you @murrrogers for being with me


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