Nigeria Romance And Sex Jokes (Adult Only)

Nigeria Romance And Sex Jokes (Adult Only)

1. Making Love Joke

Guys, don't kill yourself because because you want to satisfy her during sex. if she doesn't scream when making love to her, just bite her nipple. I hate stubborn girls.

2. Desperate For Sex joke

When guys are desperate for sex, you will hear them say: Let me rub only tip, let me brush the top. Today i just heard something new, "Please let me enter, i won't move.

3.  Sex Joke

Sex is stupid. Imagin moving backward and forward just for a small liquid to come out. Useless!

4. Doggy Style Joke

Sister, you are afraid of dogs but your favorite style is doggy. Madam clap for yourself, i have nothing to tell you.


5. Salary Joke

Lady standing in the bus: Your thing is touching me.

Man: Sorry it's my salary in my pocket.

Lady: I have been observing you, your salary has increased 5 times in the last 10 minute.

6. Unziping A Man's trouser Joke

Some girls can unzip a man trouser in the dark but cannot locate psalm 23 in broad daylight. Madam, if thunder strike you now, people will start shouting Sango is wicked.

7. Fuck Him Joke

Wife: Honey you were so drunk last night that you insulted your boss and he fired you.

Husband: Fuck Him!

Wife: I already did and he said you can resume work on Monday.

8. Mistake In The Dark Joke

Teacher to his student: Give me the opposite to this sentence: "Children In the dark make mistakes".

Student: "Mistake in the dark makes Children".

9. Kissing Women With Lipstick Joke

My brother, if you can kiss a woman with lipstick very passionately, brother you can eat crayons happily.

10. Nigeria girls Joke

I don't know why Nigeria girls are never complete.

Ass = No Boobs

Boobs = No Ass

Ass + Boobs = Ugly Face

Beautiful face = No Boobs, No Ass

Beautiful face + Ass + Boobs = No Brain.



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