New Short Jokes That Will Keep You Laughing Throughout Today




New Short Jokes That Will Keep You Laughing Throughout Today.

School Kids In Class Were Asked To Write 3 Diseases. One Guy Wrote:

1. Hiv/Aids
2. Cancer
3. /

Teacher : What is / ?
Student : it's stroke.


Nigerian Premier League to introduce RED CARD for removing jerseys after BODY ODOUR kills Linesman during goal celebration.???????????


WIFE: Sweety, how many women have you slept with after we got married?
HUSBAND: (quiet)
WIFE: (10 minutes later) Sweety, I asked you a question !
HUSBAND: (Quiet)
WIFE: (15 minutes later)Are you afraid to tell me the truth?
HUSBAND: Will you just shut up and let me finish counting!!!???


Some girls are wicked!

Just because he gave you his number during a burial...
You now saved it with "burial boy"?????????


When God wants to play your video on judgement day and it starts with" WARNING!! 18+" just walk majestically to hell your qualified

I refuse to sleep yesterday because my girlfriend told me good night and rest in peace. ??????Am not ready to die.


When Igbo girls tells you "I am Solly" You start wondering if they are introducing themselves. ? Don't bother yourself, they meant "Sorry"


A guy and a lady were trying to sort relationship issues behind my window ??

Lady : How can u do this to me?

Guy : I am sorry babe she tricked me, I even went two rounds.

Lady : I love u Kojo

Guy : Then stop crying

Lady : No dear, the thing is spreading too much.

Guy : What?

Lady : My HIV Aids.

The guy has collapsed as I am typing. ? ? ?


Man confessing to Priest via WhatsApp .....

Man : "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I read dirty jokes in WhatsApp, viewed pornography and also viewed naked women's pictures on my smart phone."

Priest : "Forward all your sins to me."  ???


It must be tough for those ladies who are married to teachers. Instead of finding money in their pockets, they find chalk and lists of noise makers...???

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