New Short Jokes You Can’t Read Without Laughing

New Short Jokes You Can't Read Without Laughing.

1. 5000 people follow u on Facebook,3000 on Twitter,4000 On Instagram,7000 on Snapchat, Yet no man wants to follow u to your Father`s house? Sister check your settings??

2. Stupidly I saved the number of the girl who supplies me natural honey from the forest as "honey"
She texted me this message when in bed with my girlfriend:
"Tomorrow's will be sweeter than last week.
Please visit me in hospital ?

3. Very soon MTN will be Like, ''Do you know there are people in your village that don't want you to succeed? Quickly text "thunder fire them"to 33505, 50 Naira a week.

4. You are here wishing that your dad is ​Dangote​
Your dad is there wishing that you are ​Neymar.
Such is life ??

5. Catching flowers??at weddings doesn't make
you the next Bride. . . ?
My neighbor has caught 13, yet no boyfriend

6. Some girls are really funny, you expect your boyfriend to be rich at his 20s yet your father is still broke at his 60s. My sister what weed are you smoking?

7. If u want to lose weight without going to the gym support Chelsea this season. ????

8. Neighbors Will Always See Any Lady U Bring Home , Even @12 Midnite ....
But They'll Never See The Thief Who Stole From Ur room That
Hot Afternoon.????

9. Joe : Dr I have a problem of forgetting.
Dr : When did the problem start?
Joe : Which problem?

10. Dating a Jehovah's witness girl is the most Economical Relationship ever.....
Just buy her a trekking shoe ...You have win her heart
If you want to kill her with Love, buy her also an Umbrella ...She will melt for you.
Now, If you want to bury her in love... Buy her a bag ???


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