New Funny Nigeria Joke Of The Week

New Funny Nigeria Joke Of The Week

Nollywood Angel Funny Joke

There is nothing i cannot see in Nollywood Movie. How can Angel be putting on eye glasses!

Cheating Girlfriend Joke

No Nigeria girl cheats better than those living with their grandmother. Guys Beware.

Funny Forehead Kisses Joke

Forehead kisses are how Nigeria men absorb all the sense from you brains. Stay awake my sisters.

Breaking News Joke

Everyday we hear breaking news in Nigeria, so when will straight news arrive in Nigeria?

New Condom Joke

The kind of strength Nigeria men use in tearing condom, if they join it together, i swear we can use it to push Africa forward.

New Nigeria Girls Joke

First day your Nigeria girl leaves her top and towel at your place.

Second day, she leaves her shoe and jacket.

Third day, She leaves her makeup kits.

Congratulations my brother, you now have a new wife.

Nigeria Men Joke

So many Nigeria men are so quick to brag how many women they have slept with. Forgetting to mention how many minutes they lasted. Shior!

Nigeria Oil Joke

Seeing what Qatar and Saudi Arabia are doing with their oil money makes me wonder if Nigeria is selling coconut oil.

Advice to Nigeria Girls Joke

My sister, befor you hand over your breast to any Nigeria man, first check how he drinks pure water. #HealthTips

Letter to Nigeria Girlfriend Joke

Dear Nigeria Girlfriend, Do you think your ignoring me would make me bored? Have you forgotten that if you do not call me, Airtel will call me.
If you don;t text me, Mtn will and if you don't visit me, Jehovah Witness will.

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