Naija Short Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Really Hard

Naija Short Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Really Hard

10: Dear Sister, The colour of your bra is same with your panties but the colour of your head doesn't match your neck. Tell me how will your brain fit youf skull??


9: To all those who go for HIV Test Every 3 months, don't worry! One day you will find what you are looking for. ???


8. The difference between bathroom and baffroom is that, in a bathroom one can take a cute selfie and nice photo...???

But in baffroom?, hmm hmmm if your soap fall for ground , just forget about it! ???


7: Lecturer : What's the advantage of being a Nigerian????

Ayo: You can be broke soaking garri with salt and people will still be calling you "CHAIRMAN"!!! ???


6: Do you wanna know if your girlfriend is cheating? It simple, just call her friends Ashawo & your girlfriend's history will unfold in less than 2mins.

5. Examining a female patient brutally beaten by her husband, Doctor tells her: “Your heart, lungs, pulse, BP are fine. Now let me see that cute little thing which gets you ladies into all kinds of trouble.”
The woman immediately starts taking off her skirt and underwear.
The doctor shocked said: “No! No! Please! Put on your clothes! Just show me your tongue!”???


4: Dear Sister, Why crying because he's cheating on u ,When you can add your menstruation stuff to stew for the idiot. ???


3: A soldier will kill 100 human and he will have peace, buy you just use only one person to do blood money, the spirit will not allow you to rest.

Don't look at me like I'm talking from experience o.


2. Dear Ladies, Don't kill yourself because you want to look Expensive. Some Guys don't even know the difference between Brazilian Hair and Goat Hair..!


1: Girls with big lips ?
When they peck you ? it sounds like screenshots ???

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