Naija Short Jokes You Can’t Read Without laughing

Naija Short Jokes You Can't Read Without laughing

Struggling For Food At Naija Party Joke

That moment you are struggling for food at a Naija wedding and mistakenly disconnected the speaker wire with your leg.
Now all eyes are on you. You will just realise that you have bellefull under 3 seconds.

Naija Guy Joke

If a Naija guy tells you he is not like other men. My sister, ask him if he can give birth. Nonsense Boys!


Naija Student Joke

JSS 1: I want to be a Doctor.

SSS 1: I want to be a Lawyer.

10 Years Later: Contact me for your iTunes gift card for instant cash out.

Naija Girl Joke

When a Naija girl ask you for N50,000 and you gave her N100,000 instead. She will be like: "That baby, but don't forget the N50,000 i asked you.

Made It In Naija Joke

Finally, i have made it in Naija. I can now speak French.

Born June Mama, Come On Serve Her, Serve Her Beer Mercy.

Naija Girls And Food

Some Naija girls love food so much, you will take her to the zoo and ask what's her favourite animal and she will answer: "Roasted Chicken".

Naija Parents Joke

Naija parents can send unnecessary messages when they see you doing nothing.
like: Ayodun! Go and check whether there is air outside.

Naija Girls Inner Beauty Test Joke

If you want to see a Naija girl inner beauty, just give her Sugar Cane to chew.

Naija Movie Joke

In Naija movies, the poor boys always meet the rich man's daughter by the road side and repair her car and they later fall in love.
I have been standing by our village roadside and no car got spoiled. Are this people fooling us?


Advice To Girls Joke

Here is my special advice to girls: Never, i mean Never you date a Naija school drop out. They will leave you the same way they left school.

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