Laugh Out The Week With These Awesome Jokes.

Laugh Out The Week With These Awesome Jokes.

5. Mr Amofa's son is a great painter... He painted a #1000naira note on the floor of the classroom; his teacher breaks her nails trying to pick it up thinking it was real money.She calls his father on phone to complain about the kid and explains what had happened.....The. father from the hospital bed replied: "you are even lucky, that idiot drew a ​VAGINA​ on the POWER SOCKET. He is the reason am in the hospital. ????????????????

4. This morning I bought out my water to wash my keke napep, then I saw my ex-girlfriend coming from afar , then I shifted the water to the nearest Lexus Jeep there ,and started washing the tyre ,this girl came close saw me ,laughed and pressed the remote and the Jeep opened she then drove away , I didn't cry that time .... until she came to Facebook and wrote:
"God always brings my enemies to wash my feet everyday" ????????

3. Trouble is when a Nigerian Pastor Go to Egypt and hold a crusade Titled:
*The Egyptians you see today you shall see dem no more...*
I just talk my own.

2. Meanwhile, All these #SLAY_MAMAS that willl go to Google and download pictures of a Yahoo guy in an Airport or Plane and post it on social media then start wishing happy birthday like......

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PADDY he can disturb for Africa"

Sister where is ur life heading to?
You think you're doing me? You are doing yourself.

1. Dear Married Men,

If u suspect money is always missing from your wallet whenever you're home. Just put a torn condom or positive pregnancy result inside your wallet, sit back and help your life with a chilled drink ...the THIEF will confess, Olorun!!!

Don't thank me..what are friends for? ??

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