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The Catholic Priest Funny Story

Catholic Priest: What's the noise outside?
Youth Leader: A naked woman is riding a donkey.
Catholic Priest: Really? Let me see, its been a while since i saw a donkey.


Night After Wedding Funny Story

Husband: Honey, i have a confession. I have had sex with so many prostitutes in the past.
Wife: What! No wonder. I knew it, I have been thinking i've seen your face somewhere before. You must have been one of my customers.

The Homework Funny Story

Teacher: Did you finish your homework?
Ayodun: Did you finish marking my test?
Teacher: I have other children's test to mark.
Ayodun: I have other teachers homework to do.

Dying Wife Funny Story

A husband texts to wife on cell phone.
Husband: Hi, What are you doing Darling?
Wife: I'm dying!
Husband: Jumps up with joy but types "Sweetheart, how can i live without you?
Wife:You idiot! I'm dying my hair.
Husband:Bloody English Language.

The Job Interview Funny Story

During a job interview:
Manager: What's the highest level of education you obtained?
Candidate: PHD
Manager: Great! So that means you have a Doctor degree.
Candidate: Well, No. That means "Passed Highschool with Difficulties (PHD).

Most Corrupt Africa Countries Funny Story

Teacher: Name the 5 most corrupt countries in Africa.
Ayodun: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia & Sierra Leone.
Akpors: What about Nigeria?
Ayodun: When counting sinners, do you include Satan?

Traffic Beggar Funny Story

While in traffic on her way to work, a woman signalled to a beggar to come close. After coming close, she said: I have seen you somewhere, you look familiar.
The beggar begin to laugh and said: Madam, we are friends on facebook.

The Farmar, Thief & Elder Brother Funny Story

A farmer caught a thief who has been stealing his yam and decided to drag him to the village square.
halfway to the viillage square, the thief said to the man, "Please, i have forgotten my slipers in the farm, can i go and get them?
The farmer obliged, Hurry up! i would be waiting for you here."
He waited endlessly and realized he had been fooled.
He went home and told his elder brother what had happened. His elder brother brutally slapped him and said:
You are extremely dumb! You should have told the thief to wait while you go and get his slippers for him.

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