Kiss My Ass -This would Make You Laugh

On a very sunny day, Ayo was going home from school and met a man who he asked him: ''Excuse me sir, what's the time?''

The man replied ''It's 15 minutes to 4.00pm''

Ayo walks a little then turn and told the man: ''When its 4.00pm, you can Kiss my ass!''

The angered man started chasing Ayo so as to beat him up for the insult...

He ran after him for about 5mins until they got to a point where a certain old man was seated.

Ayo ran to the old man and said: Hey granny! Help me.

The old man asked the young man who was chasing Ayo: What's the problem man?
The young man replied: This little brat asked me what is the time and when I told him that it was 15 minutes to 4.00pm, he said when its 4.00pm, I should kiss his ass.

The old man paused, looked at his watch then looked back at the man chasing Ayo saying: ''But why are you in such hurry ? You still have to wait 10 more minutes before you can kiss his

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