Hilarious Joke -Johnny The Psychiatric Patient.

After spending 2yearts at the psychiatric hospital, Johnny’s parent were so sure he has been healed so they visited the Doctor to ask for him to be discharged.

Johnny’s Father: My son now talks well and have been behaving normal. Kindly discharge him.

Johnny’s Mother: The last time I visited, he even calls me Mummy.

Doctor: We can't just release him. He need to take our  admission test again. If he pass, then we discharge him. But if he fails then he remains. (Doctor then ordered for Johnny)

Doctor: Johnny! What will you do to catch a bird on a tree ?

Johnny: I would climb the tree

Johnny’s Father: Idiot! You could easily throw a stone at it

Johnny’s Mother: Or even make use of a stick.

Doctor: I asked him how to catch the bird not how to kill it. I think Johnny has passed the text. We can now release Johnny but you both would need to fill this two forms.

Johnny’s Father: Ok. Is that Johnny’s  release form ?

Doctor: No. It’s your admission form.

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