Hot Short Jokes For Guys – All Will Make Your Day




Hot Short Jokes For Guys - All Will Make Your Day.

  1. That awkward moment when your witch girlfriend is giving you BJ and she receives an info that she is to present a pen** as offering in meeting. My brother, the bible says: It Is Finished.
  2. As a man when you start waking up with no morning erection , Oga! It's time to write a will.
  3. Some guys will wake up by 2am to pee and they will post on Facebook. "Real hustlers don't sleep". Brother, Who are you deceiving ?
  4. Two friends were discussing: 
    Boltu : You know, my grandfather is a brave man. He went to the jungle of Africa in the last summer and suddenly confronted by a tiger.
    Montu : Really! After return he must be applauded by everyone.
    Boltu : I never said he came back.
  5. She paid you a visit and drank 12 bottles of beer without getting drunk.. My brother, just offer her kolanut..You are dating your ancestor.

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