Funny Head Slap

Johnny and Ayo went to the cinema to see a movie. Sitting down, they  saw a bald guy just in front of them.

Ayo: What a fresh head! I’m going to touch it.

Johnny: You dare not! That guy will beat you up.

Ayo: You just sit and watch. *He walked towards the guy and touched his head.*

The guy was surprised and wanted to react, then Ayo said: "Johnny! So you are here and we have been looking for you at home.

The guy responded: I'm not Johnny. Maybe we look alike.

Ayo: Really ? *He then left*

After some minutes in the cinema, Ayo said to Johnny again:“I’m going to slap that guy’s head again and nothing will happen.

Johnny: Ok. But if anything happens, I don’t know you.

Ayo went to the guy and gave him a hot slap on his head saying: "Johnny! Why are you lying, I know it’s you.

The guy said to him angrily: "I'm not Johnny! Please let me be". The guy then left the seat and went to the front seat.

After some minutes Ayo looked at Johnny again and said: I will slap that guy again and nothing will happen.

This time, Johnny bet the guy would beat him into coma.

Ayo stood up, went to the front seat, gave the guy a very hot slap and said: Johnny! So you are here and I have been slapping someone else at the back there.

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