Funny Bed Pill For Men

A women went to complain to the Doctor about how her husband has lost interest in coming to bed with her as he is no longer active.

WOMAN: My Husband is no more interested in coming to bed with me. I think he isn’t active anymore.

DOCTOR: Ok! Give these pills to him. Make sure you put one of it in his tea daily.

*The woman did as Doctor instructed and she enjoyed her husband throughout the night as he was active again.*
Next day she puts 2 pills in his tea and they enjoyed much more time on bed.

Third day, she emptied the whole bottle in his tea. …

Two days later, Doctor called to know the progress but it was the Son who picked the call.

Son: "Mom is in coma at the moment, Aunt is in hospital, Maid is suing Dad for rape, My own ass hurts and bleeding and Dad is still running Unclad in the garden, shouting Bingo! Bingo!! Bingo!!! But the dogs are no where to be found.

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