Fat Johnny Had An Accident

Ayo and Fat Johnny were on their way to work when a fast moving tricycle hit Johnny. Ayo then quickly dial an emergency number for help.

Ayo: Please, send an ambulance fast! My friend just had an accident. He's bleeding from the nose and ears, and I think both of his legs are broken!

Emergency Service: Where is your location?

Ayo: Njo-ku-ei-susu-uwa-nbe Street.

Emergency Service: Please spell the street name.

Ayo: Ah! Ok. Give me a minute.

Emergency Service: Are you there?

Ayo: [Now silent]

Emergency service: Hey, mister! Are you there ?

Ayo: [Panting& Breathing hard] Yes! Yes!!  So
sorry for the delay. I couldn't spell Njo-ku-ei-susu-uwa-nbe Street. So, I've dragged him to Adams street. Should I spell Adams for you ?

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