Eight (8) Hottest Jokes This Week

Eight (8) Hottest Jokes This Week

1. Fat girls will seat carelessly and open their legs, someone will still not see anything, is that one life????????

2. A guy posted his bald head picture on Facebook, after 30mins he found his pic on timeline of another person and the caption was THIS GUY HAS CANCER, TYPE AMEN TO SAVE HIS LIFE

3. My brother ,Stress is when you want to text "I love you" to your girlfriend and you mistakenly send it to your land lady then she replies "OMG!!! I have been holding myself for too long, I love you too and please stop paying rent"

4. Did you steal the meat from the pot?

Americans:No...I didn't steal from the pot.


5. Lagos girls are wicked. Just Because I was trying to toast one by the roadside, she said: My IQ is lower than 2face haircut.

6. This Life Have Spoil Finish.

A mother said to her teenage daughter:
I think its right time, we should talk about sex.
Daughter: Sure mom, what do you want to know?

7. TEACHER: Class.. What is 5 + 3?
Kiki: The answer is 8..
Ayo: Shuoooo!!, Dem don change am?, No be 4 + 4 be 8 ?

8. I've been a CEO since when I was in Js1.
My teacher always said: Ayo, you and your COMPANY should get out of my class???


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