Egyptians In The Church – Funny Joke

I was in church on a Sunday morning when the pastor said: "It's time to say hello to your neighbours. Kindly shake hands and let’s get to know each other."

I said hello to the person sitting to my left and to the one sitting to my right. We introduced our selves and both said they were Egyptians while I introduce myself to be a Nigerian.

Later, it was time for sermon and the  pastor decided to preach from the book of Exodus 14:13. Telling us about how God saved the Israelites from Egyptians.

Immediately I remember that there were Egyptians on my left and right. I was saying to myself ; How will these two Egyptians feel knowing that their people are the bad guys in this Bible verse.

While still thinking about this, Pastor shouted: "The Egyptians made the people of God to suffer for years. I said they made them suffer! Now turn to your left and to your right, and tell your neighbor that: “The Egyptians you see today, You shall see them no more"


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