Compilation Of Latest Naija facebook Jokes That Will Keep You Laughing

Here is a compilation of latest naija facebook jokes that will keep you laughing. Enjoy & follow us on facebook

  • When I see white men with laptop all I think is businessmen. When I see Nigerians with laptop all I see is Dj flexy. ??


  • God will create you to be a successful pilot . Nigeria will recreate you to be a successful generator repair engineer.  ??


  • You would know a rich man on Facebook by the caption on their photos:
    *Thankful heart *
    *Stay humble*
    *Motivate yourself*
    *Never give up *
    *Act like a clock keep going*

    You will know broke guys with thier captions ...
    *I prefer to die on the hustle than to die in poverty that's why I stay woke 24/7 to grind and make my pepper *
    *Fuck bitches and fake friends who smile with you and stab you at the back,*
    *For All the doors slammed at us we are coming to buy the whole building and the remaining plot
    of land.. # hustlegang *
    *We started from the gutter and now we are rulling the empire ... fuck those who think I can't
    do without them*
    My brother go and sit down we have hear you ??


  • Your pastors says it's bad pressing phones in church but he uses Apple Ipad to preach his sermon
    Angel Micheal what's delaying you ? ??


  • Sometimes i feel like confusing my enemies by using Fork-n-knifes when eating soft porridge???

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GIRL: Come straight down the main road and stop at the flats on your left side. At the first floor, there is an elevator, get in and press button 8 with your elbow.
When you arrive at room 8, press the bell (button) with your elbow and I will come and open.

BOYFRIEND: Ok. But why do I have to press the buttons with my elbow?

GIRLFRIEND: Are you coming empty handed?

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