Compilation Of Trending Nigeria Short Jokes

Here is a compilation of " 20 Trending Nigeria Short Jokes " that will make your day. Read, Enjoy & Share.

10. Nigeria Situation Jokes

Ayo: Madam please sell 200 naira rice for me inside nylon.

Madam: And what else?

Ayo: And tie it.


9. Crazy Girlfriend Jokes

Ayo: Babe, i want to ask you a question before our relationship goes to far.

Girlfriend: Go on.

Ayo: Are you a virgin?

Girlfriend: Do you have a company that repairs virginity?


8. SlayQueens Jokes

Bra on: "( . ) ( . )" Bra off: "U U"

If you know you know.


7. God Is Watching You Jokes

When a lady send you a message like: Can you do me a favour, then you go offline and starting driving aeroplane with your phone Airplane mode. God is Watching You Broda.


6. Potential Twin Father's Jokes

Guys, if you urinate and it comes out in pair, one going left and one going right. Just know you are a potential twin father. I MEAN IT.


5. Dating An Alcoholic Jokes

Consequences of dating someone who is too much of an alcoholic:

While sleeping next to him, he bites your ear at 2am only to find out he had a dream of opening a bottle of star.


4. HandSome Man Jokes

When a Nigeria girlsĀ  says she wants a handsome man. She is not talking about looks but talking about: a Hand that has Some ....... You know what i mean.


3. Suya Jokes

Eating Suya with a friend that paid for it is really stressfull. You will be asking the holy spirit when its time to pick another one.


2. Food Menu Jokes

A teacher went to a hotel, he wanted to see the menu but he has forgotten what its been called, so he asked: "Please can i see the food syllabus?


1. We Go Die Here Jokes

Question: What is we go die here ?

Answer: We go die here is when you take your girlfriend to a new guest house, and immediately she entered, She was like: Eeii they have changed the biuld.


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