How To Break A Bad News – Funny Story

Ayo’s friend (Johnny) traveled to the city leaving Ayo to take care of his aged Mum & his pet cat (Shadow).

Weeks later Johnny called from the city to know how they’re doing.

Johnny: Hello Ayo! How are you doing? How's Mum and how is Shadow?

Ayo: Shadow is Dead!

Johnny: Too bad Ayo! Bad news are not revealed in that manner. You should have started by saying something like: "Shadowfell inside a well but neighbors are trying to rescue it". Then when I call again, you tell me: Shadow broke his neck and receiving treatment". Then when I call later, You tell me they did their best but couldn't save it. That's how to break a bad news in a mature way. OK?

Ayo: Ok understood.

Johnny: Alright! So how is my Mum?

Ayo: Your Mum fell inside a well, but neighbours are trying to rescue her. You can end the call now and call later so I will tell you the next.

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