Ayo The Signal Man

Ayo was applying for a job as a signalman for a  local railroad and was told to meet the rail inspector at the signal box.

On getting there, he realize the inspector was his ex-girlfriend’s Dad.

The inspector decides to give Ayo a tough quiz since he was the one who broke his daughter’s heart and left her weeping for days.

The first question was:

Inspector: What would you do if you realized that two trains were heading towards each other on the same track?

Ayo: I would switch one train to another track.

Inspector: What if the lever broke ?

Ayo: Then I'd run down to the tracks and use the manual lever down there.

Inspector: What if that had been struck by lightning ?

Ayo: I will run back up here and use the phone to call the next signal box.

Inspector: What if the phone was busy ?

Ayo: I will run to the street level and use the public phone near the station.

Inspector: What if that had been vandalized?"

Ayo: In that case, I will run into town and get my brother Johnny.

Inspector: Why would you do that ? What is your brother into ?

Ayo: Well,  he's into nothing but has never seen a train crash.

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