Ayo Enters A Church Looking For His Wife

(Ayo enters a church to meet the priest)
Priest: How may I help you son?

Ayo: I’m looking for my wife, she said she would be here but as I can see she's not around. Now that am here, I would like to make some confession.

Priest: Ok. Then go on with your confession.

Ayo: Forgive me Father for I have sinned

Priest: What are your sins my son?

Ayo: The other day, I went looking for my wife at her home but she was not there. I found her sister alone and I slept with the sister.

Priest: Oh, that is a big sin, but at least you came to confess.

Ayo: Then another day I went looking for her at her aunt's place but she was not there, I found her cousin alone and I slept with the cousin.

Priest: You know that is wrong my son. It’s another big sin.

Ayo: Then the other day I went looking for her at her work place. She was not there, I found her colleague alone.

Priest: Let me guess, you slept with her colleague

Ayo: Yes father

(Then there was total silence after that)

Ayo: Father! Are you there?

(Ayo peeps through and finds out that the priest is no longer
there. He started looking for him and find him hiding)

Ayo: Why are you hiding Father?

Priest (Shaking with fear): I've just realized you came looking for your wife and I’m the only one here.

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