Ayo The Dummy Boyfriend

Ayo The Dummy Boyfriend.

Kiki invited her boyfriend (Ayo) over for dinner in her house so he could  meet her parents.

While they were eating, it started raining heavily that Kiki’s mother said;"Ayo, I think you should sleep over here because the rain shows no sign of stopping soon".

After eating, Kiki’s Mum & Dad went into their room while she went to clean up the plates. By the time she returned from the kitchen Ayo was no where to be found. They checked all over the house but couldn’t find him.

While still wondering where he could have gone, he walked back into the house fully wet with a small pillow in his hand.

Kiki’s Mother: Where have you been and why are you so wet?
Ayo: You said you think I should sleep here… So I went to get my small pillow.

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