Funny Joke – Ayo And The Angry Baby

Ayo,  A highly rated doctor experienced the shock of his career in the hospital labour room after a lady in her early twenties gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who wasn’t crying but put on a strong face and kept on looking at the Doctor like a first class enemy.

Seeing countless effort to make this baby cry by the nurses, Doctor Ayo asked for the baby to be bought to him.  But after caring this baby for examination, Doctor Ayo was so surprise when the new born baby held on to his cloth and won’t let go.

Still surprised, he looked at the baby and asked: Do you  me ? Have we met before ? Though not expecting a reply from a new born baby, the greatest of all surprises occurred when the baby opened his mouth to speak.

Baby: So you think am a fool right ? You think I won’t recognize you after helping in aborting 3 of my seniors? I have promise them you would be a dead man once I get hold of you…….*Bite Off Doctor’s Nose With His Invisible Teeth*.

Moral: Think well before you assist in doing bad. Doctor Ayo is now without a Nose.

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