7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Feminists Like Plague

It’s with great sorrow I write this piece. We crave for a country where youths are at the helm of affairs yet the same youths can’t but expose their decayed fur; I thought dirty linens were for inside.

1. Shelf life:
marry her and your shelf life reduces by half. A feminist will disobey you yet give you solid reasons behind her sordidness. If your family have a history of HBP, you are a goner! A word.......

2. House, not home:
have you wondered why some men prefer spending months outside of their home, return to spend a weekend and off they are gone? They run from arguments and ‘naggings’ from their wife. I ain’t married yet but I feel the heat of a nagging GF let alone wife.

3. Parents:
you love and respect your parents and siblings right? You can respect them the more by marrying a lady who understands culture and would do her supposed duties like cooking for them when they visit. A typical feminist will order food from Konga with your credit card; they are your parents after all.

4. Disobedience:
a feminist will disobey you without feeling remorseful about the act. She believes in equality and equity, who are you to dish out orders?

5. Children:
feminists are career-oriented which is absolutely fine if not in its extreme. But a woman telling me ‘I’d be busy in the office, I can’t go pick up the kids’ ‘I had a stressful day in the office, please go and order pizza’. Marry one and you offend yourself and unborn seeds already.

6. Spontaneity:
I have read about some women who would rather remain without child or birth few and not breastfeed. If that’s the package you want for your wards, Goodluck man!

7. Hell:
if you are hot tempered, she is gonna lead you directly to hell.

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