20 Short Hilarious Jokes that Will Keep You Rolling On The Floor.





20 Short Hilarious Jokes that Will Keep You Rolling On The Floor.

1.) Some girls are funny… They will leave hair in their armpits & shave their eyebrows. Biko, What kind of farming system is that ?

2.) The only warning Africans take seriously is Low battery. #TrueOrFalse?

3.) A Slay Queen At My Back During Lectures Today Shouted "We Can't See Your Voice Sir, Please Be Loudable. I’m Still Waiting For My Turn To Faint Cause We Are Fainting According To Our Registration Number.

4.) I Have Been Fainting Since Yesterday When This Girl Told Me She Fell From A Bike And Broke Her Virginity.

5.) No one is more respectful than the person who wants to borrow money. He/She can even greet your dog. Like: Hello bingo, how was your night ?


6.) That Moment When Your Father Calls You "Stupid Boy" And You Mistakenly Reply "You Nkor" My Brother Jejely Pack To The Next Orphanage Near You.

7.) Your Pastor Has 6 Bodyguards And You Only Have His Sticker On Your Car To Protect You, I Have Nothing To Tell You… JUST GO.

8.) When you get married to a jealous husband. Husband: hello honey, were are u

Wife: I'm in the church

Husband: Give the phone to An Usher.

9.) Wife asked: What are u doing?

Husband: Am Killing mosquitoes?

Wife: How many did u kill?

Akpors: Total 5. Two females, 3 males.

Wife: How do u know their genders?

Akpors: 2 were near the mirror and 3 near the beer bottle.

10.) Some guys will intentionally not put chairs in their rooms so that when a lady comes to visit, she will have no other option than to sit on the bed. These are Minister of Strategic planning and Bedmatic Affairs.


11.) Why do banks connect ropes to their pens? We trust them with our money yet they can't trust us with common pen ?

12.) Who noticed? Lagos babes don’t post pics again ?

The flood has carried their makeup kit  ? ? ? ?

13.) All those Guyz making promises during sex ? ?.

How will u be promising one lady two houses, one helicopter and three cars while you’re owing Mama Akara five hundred naira??  ? ?

14.)  Hi Pals. I want to build a strong relationship, I have bought cement what else do I need?

15.) That Moment You Take Your Ugly Friend Along With You To Your Crush House. And She Was Like: "Oh My God! You Guys Look Alike".


16.) Black people think violence fixes everything. You will find a person slapping a remote control simply because it is not working.

17.) When God Want To Play Your Video On Judgement Day, And It Shows: Viewer Discretion +18 Just Gently Walk To Hell Fire Straight.

18.) That awkward moment you seated in church beside your crush and your kid brother came running with #10 note towards you and says: Brother, Mummy said I should give you for OFFERING.

19.) Anambra girls be like:

My name is Rinda.

My best food is flied lice and chicken.

I school in Rondon and am studying Raw???

20.) Just Thinking About this, If I Propose To A Girl On My kneel And She Says No. Guys Na  Uppercut Go Follow o ????


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