20 Nigeria Jokes That Would Definitely Make You Laugh.





(20). Age 7: I want to be a doctor ?

Age 16: Mum look! All A's ?

Age 20: Medicine is hard ?

Age 35: Make some noise for DJ Emeka!!!



(19). I feel sorry for ladies with small breasts. That's why their  heart gets broken easily. They have no airbags to support their emotions.???????


(18). That awkward moment when you help your crush with her assignment and she gets zero.???? My brother just forget about the explanation and go your way peacefully.???


(17). Please is it true that Chatting with a fat girl consumes a lot of data ????


(16). To those girls who feel too big to reply messages, A time will come that you will be desperate for a husband. That's when a man will ask you "How are you doing?" And you will reply "YES I DO" ?????


(15). MAD MAN: Doctor, i have a problem; everyday i dream of cows playing football
DOCTOR: Here; take these tablets at night
MAD MAN: I'll start tomorrow because today is finals ?


(14). Slim ladies are beautiful the problem come when she is pregnant, she looks like python that has swallowed a goat???????????????????????


(13). It is only in a Nigeria movie that you will see cassava plant in an Evil forest. Who planted the cassava??
Do spirit plant cassava too??


(12). Tiny girls don't use pad when menstruating they use cotton wool. Please no tiny girl should insult me am not feeling fine???


(11). It was so funny today when a pastor at the market was preaching about alcoholism but using alomo bitters box to collect the offering.?????


(10). When you sit down for an interview and the interviewer greet you by your Facebook name

Good day "Miss slay queen hottest bae.

My sister just pack your CV and run.



(9). Dear ladies if your boyfriend doesn't reply you immediately when you text... Just know he is either sleeping or reading the bible.. MEN DON'T CHEAT ?????


(8). Using a public toilet without lock is really annoying, Anytime you hear footsteps you have to either sing, clear your throat or use your leg to wedge the door for them to know that you are inside.


(7). Nothing makes a guy happier than when his girlfriend says "Go and lock the door first..."


(6). Small Apple ? Is Now #100..  Something The Serpent ?Gave Eve For Free??


No matter how bad you are, you're not useless. You can still be used as a bad example.


(4). The ways girls will convince that you are handsome if you have money, you will stand if front of the mirror and you will be like "Maybe I should go into modeling..  My brother don't be deceived, remain where you are. ?


(3). Breast-less girl  still wearing bra. What are you trying to hold? Your heart or your feelings???????


(2). When am bored I call MTN customer care and ask why my phone isn't charging... ?


(1). Ladies being single ends at 25. You can't be 26+ and you are talking of being single. Your not single but Unmarried.

Say it with me: I am U.N.M.A.R.R.I.E.D ???????


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