10 New Nigeria Clean Jokes That Will Get You Laughing

10 New Nigeria Clean Jokes That Will Get You Laughing

1. My friend wrote an application letter, instead of writing dear MADAM , he mistakenly wrote dear MADMAN ????

Hope he's still getting the job.


2. When a guy doesn't love you anymore you will hear things like ... baby why did you step on my shadow ? Do you want to injure my spirit ? It's over please!

3. It's only in NIGERIA people will knock on your door and still uses their mouth to do "ko-ko-ko"

Nigerians.... But Y? ???

4. My friend when your crush finally texts you and say "Hi how are you?" Do not waste time just reply "I'm single and you?" I repeat do not waste time.


5. When you treat your woman nicely, God will bless you with another one .

Am I making any sense?

"New Five Of Our 10 New Nigeria Clean Jokes That Will Get You Laughing"

6. Dear smokers,
The kidney you are damaging with cigarette,why not sell it and buy G-wagon? for your parents??


7. Abeg I hate people replying me with "hmmmm" during chats or bringing it into our chats... It makes me remember the money I lost in MMM.


8. Ladies imagine walking into heaven & the kids you aborted shouts. "Angel Gabriel..!! na she be that..! See her see her!!! Na she b dat!!!!


9. Because a girl replied u with "thanks love "
You now rush to inbox her. Now she snubbed u.
U see as u disgrace urself•


10. Women behave mature and intelligent during d period of pregnancy Because at d same time her body have 2 brains, the child's & her own. ??????

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